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Boarding School for Boys

Boys that attend our boarding school learn the importance of being a confident young male. We do this through the use of positive role models that teach these young men what their role is in the society they live in.  As these boys work alongside these positive male role models they begin to emulate the behaviors and actions of these men. They also learn the importance of setting appropriate boundaries when it comes to complex issues such as addictions, substance abuse, promiscuity and more. While the data is pragmatic for the impact of struggling boys in a single-sex treatment center, our stance is these settings set the boys up to fail once they return back to society.

Benefits of Single-Sex groups and therapy

This one on one mentoring and single-sex education is something many teenage boys fail to learn growing up. Through the positive role models living and working besides our boys, they are able to point out how to properly react in different situations.
There have been articles at which cover the differences in a single gender environment. By teaching our boys to face the world they can overcome those challenges and is why our boarding schools are so effective.

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As our schools are managed by successful male role models the boys also learn that they can also be the leaders of tomorrow if they put in the effort.

Benefits of Co-Ed Treatment Programs

There is a large amount of pragmatic and empirical evidence available to support the fact that single-sex treatment programs have a little positive impact on the recovery process. Additionally, there is far more research that suggests that a co-ed environment allows all youth the abilities to learn to set appropriate boundaries in a safe environment rather than fail in the real world. a study produced by the American Psychological Association which revealed that a single-sex education program does not educate girls or boys any better than what can be accomplished in a co-ed environment. Therefore if we are allowing our fears to control us the youth typically respond to that. If the boys do not feel they can be trusted they may even act untrustworthy however if they show the opposite they thrive and excel.  Its is important to understand that it is okay to have a relationship with a member of the opposite gender and not make it an intimate encounter is a benefit for all youth especially young boys to learn.

We Are Different!  With our administrative staff of over 20 years of industry knowledge, we have seen first hand where parents looking for a program to give their child real-world experiences and implement discipline and structure. Yet the product that is offered by most schools is one where the staff work in rotating schedule, therefore, creating inconsistency and avoid for stability that a family can bring. These individuals typically live in dormitories with 15-30 other boys which is not a typical living arrangement for any youth. This structure as foreign, nonproductive and labeling to your child. The need we all feel to be in a family environment and a family setting is what places our programs above their competition.

How do I enroll?
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Your whole team was professional for my son. So glad we went with Shangria Learning Ranch.

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Today my son wrote a 5 page letter about the things he learned from Tyler. You guys have definitely influenced his life for the better.

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Glad I was able to get my life back on track. Thanks again.

EricCamarillo, California.
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